What is DevOps?

Devops has two main components, which are abbreviated as CI and CD.


  • How fast are your business request being delivered?

  • You request a change, for example: changing the algorithm for the tax calculation due to regulatory requirements, how fast is this change delivered so it can be tested by your business teams?

  • We add a new field to a form: e.g. adress field. Such a small change should not take long to be implemented and delivered to business teams for testing or even final deployment for production.

  • Does it take too much time even the most simple changes for testing?

  • Are security vulnerabilities addressed consistently in the software delivery process?

CI/CD Pipeline

The benefits provided by CI / CD

Increase your code quality by automating testing through Continuous Integration. With implementing CI / CD you will enable your developers to build, test and deploy software safer, faster and in higher quality. With the right required tools you will be able to follow up your team, measure your process and take governance.

Why MUST businesses streamline the software delivery process?

  • Business requests must be delivered to business process owners immediately.
  • The software delivery process must be efficient to support business requests as soon as possible.
  • For business process owners the most important issue is the speed of realization of business requests
  • Security concerns of software delivery process must be addressed

What do we provide you?

We transform your software delivery process to maximize the efficiency for the delivery of business requests, and focus on each individual stage of the software delivery process, from the analyst delivering a business request, being architected, being coded, code tested, to the delivery to business teams for scenario testing and deployment to production. 

We help you streamline the software delivery process so it is adaptable within your organization through certain stages of maturity. 

LAYERMARK will deliver you the best quality consultants in defining the software delivery process, which will be custom to your needs and adaptability. We are aware that each customer’s needs vary and need to be handled accordingly. The set of technology solutions which will be selected to support the software delivery process will be defined together, you will have the control of your IT solutions, we will help you to be on the competitive edge of the market.

Are you ready for this digital transformation?   

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