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GIS-based Field Mobility Solution

GIS-based Field Mobility Solution that enables accurate and effective inspection, cleaning, and preventive maintenance of all kinds of assets with a seamless flow  of data transfer.

The Field Mobility Application is integrated with DC Water’s Work and Asset Management systems (Maximo and ESRI ArcGIS),  which allow work orders to be created and dispatched to field crew who report activities on mobile computers in real-time. The application works in both online  and offline mode. Once the crew reestablishes a connection, work orders are automatically synced with the asset management system.


1. View / Locate / Update assets
2. Manage Work Orders
3. Report new assets using the map
4. Control Map Layers
5. Identify assets
6. Search address

Benefit with LAYERMARK Field Mobility Solution:

  • Capture critical operational data of assets in real-time.

  • Control the defined district both in online & offline mode

  • Accurate & continuous reporting

  • Optimized multiple system integration (ESRI ArcGIS, IBM MAXIMO, and others)

  • Enhanced coordination between management and field operations

To learn more about how the LAYERMARK Field Mobility Solution ensures a paperless field data collection and reduced maintenance costs, get in touch with LAYERMARK.

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