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Most organizations that maintain large geospatial databases will find new and productive ways to use that data as new applications and uses develop. It’s important that existing or developed systems can adequately query that data.

As data positioning and resolution imaging technologies advance, the user community finds new and valuable uses. This is good news on one hand, but requires organizations to increase storage and make hard decisions on what data they will harvest and use.

Agencies in private and public sectors find new ways to use the storehouses of data they possess. As capabilities in various domains develop which allow them to produce higher quality, and thus, higher value geospatial data, they find new uses, adding video and audio functionality in many cases.

As a result, geospatial databases are growing. When datahandling systems become stronger, more robust, and deliver improved output, data warehouses grow, often keeping pace with an organization’s non-spatial database.

You are likely building and warehousing incredible geospatial databases; most governmental organizations are. These data, however, cannot be treated as a static asset. You must monitor, update, and oversee these data to provide accurate and current information.

As new technologies and methods develop (as well as the locations mapped), your maintenance (and costs) will rise in tandem. We can help you make decisions which will balance all these factors and help you to make appropriate decisions. Establishing Work Environment, Organizational Process and Improvement Engineering, Modelling Enterprise Gis Architecture, Service and Acquisition Support


Work environments often, by nature, resist change and cling to status quo processes which don’t provide optimum results. We can help your organization increase productivity by examining geospatial data processing work flows, making process improvements, and eliminating production obstacles.

We often find many organizations lack the ways or the will to strictly adhere to metrics, measuring results and progress. We can create systems and approaches which will address this and offer you a much better picture of your operation’s efficiency and progress.


Do you need help from GIS experts, specialists, developers, and designers?

LAYERMARK can assist you with our years of experienced and project-hardened team, who can help you out in all GIS related topics, supporting your in-house GIS staff and troubleshooting and who will work as a seamless extension to your inhouse units. We can help you reduce time to hire a development team, eliminate delays, and exceed project milestones with our talent pool.


We zero in on your organization and help you develop conceptual, logical, and physical infrastructure that supports best data usage and data sharing practices.


We help organizations find ways to enhance their service and acquisition activities. Adopting industry standards, such as CMMI,
brings both discipline and rigor that can bring rapid and lasting improvements.

We also provide consultancy and appraisal services to GIS organizations on development, service, and acquisition.

We provide consultancy and appraisal services for GIS organizations in these areas. This can let you analyse and design data processing and service solutions, before deciding on your project’s scope. Estimate reorganization activities, new benefits, and opportunities more precisely before making a huge investment.

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