Severe weather events and aging infrastructure present unique challenges; if you aren’t prepared, the impact can be significant.

Existing deployments of technology can help inform specific groups, but these fragmented systems do not provide enterprises with comprehensive situational awareness to ensure operational resiliency in the event of extreme emergencies.

To achieve true operational resiliency, a utility needs to shift from a siloed response model to an integrated model that provides real-time awareness across all areas of the business required to respond to an emergency.

DC Water contracted LAYERMARK to develop an Event Management System (EMS) as an early warning system for non-routine events, allowing for a faster response while reducing overall recovery time.


The Flood Watch and Water Watch Dashboard is the common lens into the emergency data.

It allows DC Water to monitor and respond to an emergency faster by using data from multiple real-time feeds. This helps to identify the location and severity of a problem and determine which crews to dispatch to which locations.

1. Work order Statistics
2. Various sensor and station data
3. Incident count reported by customers
4. Weather info and rainfall data
5. Crew information
6. Alerts on map by location


The Incident Tracking Tool enables the Command Center to provide a coordinated, rapid and information-driven process for capturing customer contacts or incidents as they are reported. Incidents are gathered either over the phone, through a real-time, web-based Report-A-Problem application, or through a live feed from the District’s 311 call center.

1. Create and View Incidents
2. Track work orders by status
3. Attach incidents to work orders
4. Geospatial information
5. Keep updated via Live Stream


The Resource Management Tool is used to monitor and control the teams & vehicles. Analytical capabilities correlate calls by date, time, location, type, and frequency, thus allowing for more precise allocation of resources while ensuring all stakeholders remain informed as events escalate.

1. Real-time crew and vehicle status
2. Real-time crew and vehicle location
3. Incident type and severity
4. Work order type, location and status

LAYERMARK’s EMS can be integrated into various work management systems and geospatial solutions such as Maximo, Everbridge, ArcGIS, Geotab, CityWorks and SAP using the LayerExchange platform.

Real-time distribution and collection system data is gathered through an OSI Pi Server which consolidates Process Control System (PCS) and SCADA data on a single platform and allows for seamless sharing with EMS.

Vehicle location data (GPS) integration enables near real-time monitoring of vehicle status and location.



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