Services We Offer

We help organizations, governmental (military, federal, state, and local) and commercial, make best use of their geospatial assets. We focus on organizational structure and aligning your processes to best practices. This sets up your organization to run smoothly, efficiently, and achieve maximum interoperability with other entities inside or outside your organization.

If you’re looking for ways to get the most value of geospatial data, share it with other internal or external entities, we can build systems to do just that.

We have a passion for building efficient, high quality, and high ROI systems.

We specialize in uncovering and exploiting hidden benefits and uses for your geospatial data. These areas often create the largest benefits in systems we create.

System Integration

We provide a range of state-of-the-art solutions to federal, state, and local governments, as well as all military services.Adhering to and incorporating PMI and CMMI standards and methodologies as well as the latest industry standards, we improve organizations as we create efficient system solutions. We develop GIS-rich results or can act as consultant-partners for internally developed projects.

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System Integration
System Integration

Enterprise Geospatial Data Warehousing

Most organizations that maintain large geospatial databases will find new and productive ways to use that data as new applications and uses develop. It’s important that existing or developed systems can adequately query that data.

As data positioning and resolution imaging technologies advance, the user community finds new and valuable uses. This is good news on one hand, but requires organizations to increase storage and make hard decisions on what data they will harvest and use.

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Enterprise Geospatial Data Warehousing
Enterprise Geospatial Data Warehousing

DevOps – The Software Delivery Process 

We transform your software delivery process to maximize the efficiency for the delivery of business requests, and focus on each individual stage of the software delivery process, from the analyst delivering a business request, to production. 

We deliver the best quality consultants in defining the software delivery process, which will be custom to your needs and adaptability. LAYERMARK helps you to be on the competitive edge of the market.

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We provide a uniquely refreshing perspective. Your proximity can kill perspective. It’s a C-level dilemma. You become victimized by your own success. We inject novel perspective.

We approach to GIS as an ART, taking into consideration/focus small details who others disregard, and focus on small details is what makes difference.

We see problems everywhere, question everything, we have curiosity for discovering the yet undiscovered is what makes us tick. It’s what allows us to solve problems before our customers even discover there are problems. We do this naturally and effortlessly.


What’s Different

We know you can choose from a world of system integrators. So why should you choose LAYERMARK? How are we different, and what does it mean to you?

First, our team and qualifications:

Our philosophy is execute, deliver, and create greater ROI.

Whats Different
Whats Different

How We Work

Pre-planning is paramount. Critical initial steps (before a line of code emerges) set the tone for a flexible, smooth, adaptable, and successful project. We use a requirement development process to elicit thorough client input to identify system and user needs.

But we go further. We specialize in discovering and identifying your project’s hidden benefits. Our years of experience and project-hardened team can often discover benefits you didn’t even consider. And they add up. A 1% improvement can result in up to $1 billion in total ROI.

We’re well aware of the problems in software development – unfriendly and unusable software, projects which exceed deadlines and costs, projects without real success criteria, and projects which may fail altogether. It’s upfront planning and constant communication which can avoid these project killers.

Our planning, methods, and expertise assure your project aligns with your strategic objectives, incorporates positive risk and benefit management, and detects and uses organization specific leverage points.

How We Work
How We Work

Who are we?

We are a Gis System IntegratorWe are a Gis System Integrator

LAYERMARK, a GIS system integrator (Esri Silver Partner) helps clients reveal high ROI benefits by defining GIS solutions which exceed expectations. LAYERMARK beautifully crafts vision defined GIS solutions and modernizes GIS to pure web coupled with intelligently high value benefits for the lives of stakeholders. We drill on simple details by applying our expertise to your most challenging obstacles. LAYERMARK is the only GIS focused solutions provider to apply worldwide known CMMI and PMI quality control & quality assurance practices and methodologies in the GIS area. Execution and delivery are our main goals utilizing Esri technologies.




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