LAYERMARK is thrilled to announce that it has been declared as the winner of ‘Innovation in Field Automation’ for our state-of-the-art, Utility Management Solutions, at the prestigious CS Week 2023. The award was presented during an illustrious ceremony at the Charlotte Convention Centre, Charlotte, NC.

CS Week, a notable event in the utility industry, has been honoring remarkable achievements through its awards since its inception. These awards encompass various categories, recognizing innovative solutions in utility management, customer engagement, technology, and process improvements, and highlight the commitment to advancing the utility sector.

LAYERMARK’s Utility Management Solutions signify a leap in utility management efficiency. Transitioning from a manually intensive patchwork of field processes, Utility Management Solutions have enabled organizations to embrace a holistic, digital, data-driven system. This cutting-edge utility management program is currently configured to manage hydrants, valves, catch basins, and event management, with the capability to integrate other fixed assets.

By adopting LAYERMARK’s Utility Management Solutions, utilities can streamline their operations and enhance field productivity. The system not only replaces manual processes but also integrates seamlessly with existing enterprise solutions, effectively coordinating between different departments and providing real-time information on asset status, maintenance schedules, and event responses. This integration plays a crucial role in optimizing the utilization of resources, improving decision-making, and ensuring a timely and effective response to field events.

For utility companies looking to modernize their field operations and automate asset management, LAYERMARK’s Utility Management Solutions offer an innovative solution that promises increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and the capability to adapt to future challenges.

LAYERMARK has demonstrated its commitment to advancing utility management through its innovative solutions, and the ‘Innovation in Field Automation Award’ from CS Week is a testament to this dedication.

LAYERMARK extends its gratitude to CS Week for this esteemed recognition and reaffirms its commitment to continual innovation in utility management solutions.

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