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Every day, federal and local government organizations and utility companies work to provide the best service for their communities. Utilities today must use information effectively and improve cooperation with all stakeholders. This is relevant to all kinds of sectors, such as electricity, gas, and water, as well as telecommunications. In terms of planning, managing, and maintaining utility infrastructures, cloud-based GIS is a great value to help all your requirements.



LAYERMARK helps to implement a customized GIS solution that will provide not only an effective asset management system but also an effective maintenance management plan, in order to ensure your organization tracks all of its assets (both spatial and non-spatial), to assign jobs, develop reports, and complete tasks.

With our expertise in Asset Management Solutions, you can find the right balance between risk, cost and business performance.


Our GIS-based solution enables accurate and effective inspection, cleaning, and preventive maintenance of all kinds of assets within a defined district in both online and offline mode. We provide an optimized multiple-system integration between ESRI, IBM Maximo Asset Management System, and Database without exhausting system resources. With our visual, map-based application, it is now easier than ever for field crews to obtain accurate and reliable data simply on location-aware tablets.

Find the right balance between risk, cost and business performance.

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Case Study: DC WATER

Find out how we have been collaborating with our Partner DC WATER and learn more about LAYERMARK’s capabilities!

Company Profile

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority has the most advanced water treatment technology and associated network management and maintenance in the USA. Today, DC Water delivers about 100 million gallons per day of drinking water to more than 600,000 residents. In the year 2019, it is given that more than 700,000 people are employed in the District of Columbia, and the city has about 17.8 million annual visitors. The water system includes about 1,320 miles of mains, 8 storage reservoirs, and tanks, up to 44,000 valves, and ca. 9,000+ public fire hydrants.

Our Solutions for DC WATER

We delivered an end-to-end integrated, modernized system with associated applications to facilitate business processes and workflows through an enterprise system upgrade. The services include customer service, a stormwater billing solution that integrates a billing system (SAP), and web-based GIS applications for incident/emergency management applications.

These applications include integrating as-built plans for engineering work (modeling/reviews, etc.) and robust Field Mobility Solutions for work order management, which encompasses preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, investigation, emergency work orders, and others.

We can proudly say that the mobile GIS application we have implemented in one business division has already spread to two more divisions with our ESRI Runtime SDK based mobility solution.

Our Services for DC WATER

  • Business process modeling and architecture review and redesign
  • GIS system migration and upgrade & update
  • GIS analysis, geoprocessing, mapping, and workflow/business process automation
  • Custom application modernization and development (web, desktop, and mobile solutions with integration to the associated enterprise systems such as Maximo, SAP, and Oracle Cloud)
  • Asset management system upgrade and modernization (IBM Maximo, Cityworks, etc.)
  • Field mobility solutions for the maintenance of fire hydrants, catch basins, and valves
  • Support of in-house GIS staff and troubleshooting in IBM Maximo, GIS, and database tools whenever needed


  • A custom-tailored field mobility solution with brand new customizable mobile applications and scalable back-end platforms
  • Facilitation of field workers’ assigned maintenance and repair tasks, in order to help reduce their margin of error to zero
  • Robust, responsive, user-convenient, and environmentally-friendly operations
  • Time needed to enter information while on the field has been reduced from 20 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • A total of 1.6 million citizens now benefit from our services.



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