Our close work with U.S. local government organizations has shown us that especially the U.S. water distribution system gets disrupted more and more while it ages and deteriorates. This means that the assets of the system generally lose value and the operation and maintenance costs increase for municipalities and organizations. So the Asset Managers are under ever increasing pressure! They have to decide about effective asset management systems to improve efficiency, decrease waste and reduce costs by focusing on corporate objectives, regulations and customer service.

Find the right balance between cost, risk and business performance.

LAYERMARK helps you to implement a customized GIS solution that will provide you not only an effective asset management system but also an effective maintenance management plan to ensure your organization tracks all of its assets (spatial/non-spatial), to assign jobs, develop reports, and complete tasks. We specialize in uncovering and exploiting hidden benefits and uses for your geospatial data. These areas often deliver the largest benefits in systems we create.

Field Mobility Solutions

Our GIS-based Field Mobility Solution enables the accurate and effective inspection, cleaning, and preventive maintenance of all kinds of assets within a defined district in both the online and offline mode. We provide an optimized multiple-system integration between ESRI, IBM Maximo Asset Management System, and Database without exhausting system resources. Our visual, map-based application, it is easier for crews to obtain accurate and reliable data simply on location-aware smartphones.

Below are some examples of LAYERMARK’s asset management solutions; 



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