We add more value to your existing Maximo capabilities

IBM’s Maximo Software is the leading-edge Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system favored by organizations with complex asset portfolios. These firms are driven by the need to remain competitive, and they trust Maximo to deliver comprehensive management of their crucial assets. Maximo is their go-to tool from sectors as diverse as utilities, transportation, electric/gas, and energy, providing an optimal blend of functionality and efficiency.

At LAYERMARK, we know the ins and outs of Maximo. We’re not just skilled; we’re certified experts, wholly dedicated to squeezing the highest possible value from your technology investment. No matter your industry, we’re equipped to enhance your Maximo installations with our expertise in development, implementation, upgrades, and maintenance.

We’re not just technologists; we’re explorers diving into the world of problems with relentless curiosity. We question everything, not because we’re skeptics, but because we’re passionate about unearthing the undiscovered. This mindset helps us anticipate and solve problems before they even register on your radar.

Maximo Services We Provide

Maximize your MAXIMO Technology Investment

Requirements Analysis and Functional Design

We conduct workshops for requirements gathering, document functional design, socialize and present design to stakeholders.

IBM Maximo Implementation

We plan infrastructure, install and implement using published best practices and optimized configurations to ensure system performs to defined standards.

IBM Maximo Upgrade

Upgrade your Maximo including complex implementations with high level of custom code. We plan and conduct dry runs to ensure smooth go-live with no data migration issues.

IBM Maximo Support / Monitoring

Together with our clients we define and agree SLA and setup monitoring using various available tools i.e., Nagios, Splunk, Log Stash, to create support dashboards. We provide first time fix, work with IBM for timely product fixes ensuring least disruption for our customers. We implement best practices around Continuous Monitoring to identify problems before they impact large number of users. We work with IBM to provide first time fix for timely product fixes ensuring least disruption for our customers.

IBM Maximo Integration with external systems

We integrate Maximo over Web Services, REST, KAFKA, and File with external systems. Design integration with security by design, i.e., secure in transit, secure at rest, and no data loss using safe store techniques and best practices. Integrate IoT sensors (Digital metering) internal and external systems to create a truly intelligent asset management system.

IBM Maximo Customization and Configuration

For complex requirements, we provide clean custom code which does not impact future upgrades. Using best practices learned/discovered over the last 18 years, we implement complex requirements and provide detailed technical design and options paper Customize VS Configure so our customers make informed decisions. We debug issues with existing custom code to simplify or future-proof implementation.

IBM Maximo Solution Design and Architecture

We design optimal infrastructure on premise or in any popular cloud services providers (Google, AWS, AZURE). We implement clustered (Horizontal/Vertical or Hybrid) architecture with focus on User Interface, Integration, Reporting and background jobs traffic.

Performance review and Improvements

We optimize slow performing queries, code, workflows or any specific business process configured in Maximo. Having deep technical knowledge, we can analyse heap dump, core dumps to get to the bottom of complex performance issues.

IBM Maximo Software Licensing & Review

We provide guidance on the best-fitting licensing model to ensure the optimal use of available licenses. Clients get a detailed license review report to ensure customers are clear about their entitlements and where they are being consumed to avoid needless expenditures.

BIRT / Cognos Reporting

We provide services to design/develop custom reports using BIRT/Cognos. Reports that service operational needs, provide insights, and are carefully built to ensure optimal performance.

Join us at LAYERMARK, and let’s unlock the full potential of Maximo together. With our experienced IBM MAXIMO certified consultants, your technological investment will be turned into a competitive advantage, paving your way towards industry leadership.

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