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Utilities all over the globe struggle to harness the full potential of GIS and geospatial data. Every moment without geospatial insights is a call for inefficiencies, wasted resources, and missed opportunities.Layermark bridges the gap. We seamlessly integrate GIS solutions and transform complex geospatial data into actionable insights. We aggregate, analyze, and visualize your data, then lay the entirety of operations on dashboards.Our promise is that you have never had anything this close to complete operational oversight

Event Management System

LAYERMARK’s EMS acts as an alert system for unexpected events, ensuring swift responses and minimized recovery durations. Trust our system to equip your utility for any emergent situation.

Field Mobility Applications

Utilize our GIS-based FMAs to seamlessly generate and dispatch work orders to field teams, ensuring real-time asset tracking, accurate data collection, and management, both online and offline.

Asset Management System

LAYERMARK AMS fuses GIS, Enterprise Asset Management, and CRMs into a unified platform, enabling local governments, municipalities, and utilities to comprehensively track assets.

IBM Maximo Services

Benefit from our IBM Maximo certified specialists who excel in developing, upgrading, and maintaining Maximo installations, ensuring you get the best value for your dollar on your tech investments.


For all CMMI Appraisal, Auditing, and Training needs, trust our seasoned team of CMMI-certified Lead Appraisers to guide you through.

Land Cadastre and Registry

LAYERMARK’s web-based Land Cadaster & Registry System (TEKUIS) employs smart targeting and geo-processing algorithms, streamlining tasks related to agricultural and cadastral land management

Every drop matters, and so does every detail. At LAYERMARK, we see what others overlook, ensuring your water utility thrives.

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Our Integrations

We have a wide range of integrations with Asset Management Systems, Billing systems and CRM

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DC Water Achieving Operational Resiliency.

Breaking down barriers to solar benefits. Homeowners, businesses, and towns can enjoy savings by signing up for a community solar share. No rooftop panels required!

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