Robust, efficient & cost-effective solutions for your business.



  • Complete 360-degree Visibility of Field Operations
  • Scheduled Corrective & Preventive Maintenance
  • Simplified Work Orders
  • Online and Offline Capabilities
  • Accurate and Updated Asset Data
  • Continuous Real-time Reporting
  • Efficient Inventory Management
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Data Quality Checks over Assets
  • Enhanced Map Control

With LayerNote, you can find the right balance between risk, cost and business performance.


Customizable Interface

LayerNote comes with a modern and robust design that is fully customizable and includes a database designer screen and drag and drop style page designer screen. Admins can add or update data tables, construct hierarchical data widgets, and many other customizable widgets – all can be tailored according to the user’s specific needs.

Offline Operations

LayerNote enables field workers and supervisors to work from anywhere, anytime. Without the need for an active internet to function, workers can seamlessly complete their tasks and update the system. Once an internet connection is established, all the changes are synced with the system.

Leveraging the Maps

Integrating GIS into LayerNote presents you with the bigger picture, enabling you to monitor your assets based on their geographical location. Get the office and the field working in unison. Leverage the power of location to understand where work needs to be done and effectively coordinate and dispatch resources.

Informed Decision Making

LayerNote provides users with extensive insights and analytics by visually displaying data, making reporting more accurate and efficient. In addition, analytics enables the business to plan and forecast better for the future, making them more competitive.

Proactive Operations

LayerNote’s repair and maintenance scheduler enable you to take proactive measures by scheduling reoccurring work orders mitigating the risk of a sudden asset failure. In addition, it enables assets to last longer and function efficiently.

Never Lose Data

LayerNote uses powerful cloud databases to store the data, eliminating the risk of losing data. In addition, AMS makes your data management simple and accessible, providing you with the freedom to instantly retrieve current and historical data.


LayerNote can be integrated into various work management systems and geospatial solutions such as Maximo, Everbridge, ArcGIS, Geotab, CityWorks and SAP using its smart API integration platform. Keep asset data up-to-date and unified across your network of solutions

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